Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Baby Bunny at Hare Raising Joy Rabbitry

Alarm Clock sounded...We're awake!

Piling into the bin to head out for breakfast.

Momma Agnes waiting for her babies.

Little feet sticking up during breakfast.

Trying to sneak a bit more after Momma tries to eat her breakfast.

Breakfast for Momma.

Checking paws for nail polish...which bun is this?

Quick Snuggles.

On the Scale.

505g about 5 times as much as birth weight.

Waiting in the pocket for my turn.

In the bin heading back to the nursery.

Helping set up for a photo session.

Helping with school work.

Typed my first paragraph...(Head on over to our facebook page to see what I typed.)

Resting after the photo session.

Helping pick up the studio.

Hanging with Daisy.

Ready for bed.

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  1. VERY cute! sweet pictures of the pf the bunnies. Love to see more!