Our Rabbits



DOB: 05/08/2012
Rabbitry of Birth: Dancing Waters Farm (Washington State)
Color: Black
Known Color genes: aaB_CcDdEe
Best of Breed at Pre-Spring Evergreen Rabbit Show 2013
2nd in Class at Pre-Spring Evergreen Rabbit Show 2014

Personality: Ruphenfeffer is our "Starbuck" and loves to play in the yard and follow people around. He won't complain about carrots and treats but greatly desires affection and flattery. He is somewhat mischievous and sometimes likes to stick his nose into dirty places. He is very friendly and is almost never shy of people or other friendly critters.



DOB: 03/12/2012
Rabbitry of Birth: [No title communicated to date] (Washington State)
Color: Black
Known Color genes: aaB_CcDDEE
Shows: N / A

Personality: Our sweet Agnes loves her sweets. She is not incredibly outgoing but she will patiently sit on a lap. Her favorite people are those who have carrots in their hand. While out to play, it is her favorite thing to munch on the fresh growing grass. Also, she has been an excellent mother to two litters.


DOB: 01/31/2014
Rabbitry of Birth: Benzo's House of Angora (Washington State)
Color: REW
Known Color genes: Aa_ _cc_dee
1st in Class at WARBA Summer Show 2014

Personality: Snow Queen Elsa is the most mellow of all the rabbits. She has a very sweet temperament. During grooming she is very patient and calm. Because she is quite laid back there are few things that will hurry her along. When she is out to play, she enjoys light grazing while gently trotting along perimeter of the large exercise enclosure.


DOB: 07/18/2014
Rabbitry of Birth: BunnyBAWS (Indiana)
Color: Chocolate Tort
Known Color genes: aabbC_Ddee
Shows: N / A

Personality: Rapunzel S.S.S. is what we call her as "she's so sweet" (S.S.S.) almost inevitably follows any time her name is mentioned. She is the newest member to Hare Raising Joy and as a result is still a bit shy. However it is certain that breakfast time is her favorite time of day. She is patient having her long fur brushed and blown. During play time she loves exploring and playing hide 'n seek.

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