Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This past Monday we celebrated Ruphenfeffer's "Adoptaversary!" One year ago, I took a one hour car ride in the hot car (thankfully with air conditioning) to pick up precious little Ruphenfeffer who was only 15 weeks old.
Ruphenfeffer Day 1: Car Ride with Air Conditioning
Ruphenfeffer Day 1: New home   

 Within this first year, I have sheared Ruphenfeffer 3 times (and he is about ready to shear again).

Ruphenfeffer's First "Hare" Cut
I constructed 3 rabbit hutches in addition to the one that Ruphenfeffer lived in.

I bought roughly eight 50lbs bags of rabbit food. This was enough for Ruphenfeffer and  Agnes as well as one batch of baby bunnies.
Rabbit Food in a five gallon bucket with a gamma lid
Watched seven beautiful bunnies grow up and go to new homes.
Baby bunnies snuggling together.
Took Ruphenfeffer to his first show where he won best of breed and got his first tatoo.
 Celebrated Agnes' and Ruphenfeffer's Birthdays.
Today, Ruphenfeffer is a hoppy-go-lucky rabbit who appreciates long runs in the yard, carrots, and all the attention he can get.

This year I have found that English angoras are a lot of work, but the investment is well worth it.
Ruphenfeffer Day 365: Romping in the yard
Ruphenfeffer Day 365: Smiling for the camera

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  1. Ruphie, obviously some bunny loves you (and taken very good care of you)!
    You have brought a lot of joy!