Monday, December 17, 2012

First "Hare" Cut

Ruphenfeffer came to live with us in the heat of summer. His "birth mom" graciously waited to shear him so MJ could have that pleasure without waiting for three months. The first weekend after bringing Ruphenfeffer home, MJ set out to give him his first sheering.
Final combing before sheering.
Blow drying to get the dander and minor snarls out.
Claiming the clippers.

She started with pet trimmers
Using pet trimmers.
 and quickly switched to scissors, since his fur was getting caught in the blades.
Switching to scissors.

Half done.
Mostly done.
I think we need to look into some better clippers. With both of us working on him, it “only” took a few hours. His favorite part of the process was the blow dryer (without heat!)
Basking in the breeze.

After seeing him with all that hair, it’s kind of shocking to see how small he really is. (It really is just fluff.) It was hard not to laugh at first as we got used to his new look. He definitely had more energy and seemed perkier too, now that he was lighter.
Hay...a reward!
After...What a cutie!

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